Emerging Artists

Singer/Songwriter Francesca Ani

A singer songwriter from Tampa, this 17 year old is wise and talented beyond her years. Already a force to be reckoned with, she puts her personal spin on the best of todays cover songs with seamless efficiency while she plays her guitar, but reaches over the age gap with her story telling lyrics on her originals. Equally  accomplished as a pianist, and recognized by some of the top venues where she performs in Tampa, this young woman is enrolled in the baccalaureate program at Hillsborough High School and manages to balance it all with grace and ease.


TRIGGER CITY TRIOtampa music agent

This Tampa Bay trio can make any decade of music sound  current. Described as a band of many colors, with tight arrangements, soulful vocals and guitar wizardry, fans are treated to unique versions of cover songs that will delight any aged listener.

Able to do shows up to 5 hours with their extensive catalog of radio hits, they will take you on a journey where you can’t stop your feet from moving and suddenly realize these rockers are making you dance, too. It’s more than a listening experience. Their energetic live show is a treat,  as they wind their way through the grooves  and melodies of bands from the Beatles or  Zeppelin to  ZZTop. But their originals are worth the wait. Soon to be released single, “Space IceCream” will satisfy any palate.


Solo Artist/ Macy Kate BandMacy Kate

With confidence and showmanship beyond her years Macy Kate proves her on stage charisma to local and national audiences.

Her  young multi-talented backing band plays current cover songs and originals which provide any demographic with a great evening of energy and synergy.

Macy’s show includes audience sing-a-longs of current radio hits and her engaging originals, which are a mix of pop, soul, electronica and R&B flair.

Teaming up with some well known songwriters, the future looks bright for this Tampa Bay teen and her band mates.

Macy kate Rising StarIn 2014 Macy scored the highest percentage points on the debut show of ABC’s , RISING STAR.

Visit Macy’s website at www.macykatemusic.com.

You can view some of her latest videos on her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/macykatemusic.

Macy has been collaborating with national artist  Sean Kingston.  Sean has already produced one single with Macy called “First Kiss” and they will be doing 5 more cuts in the studio in the coming months.


ACTING NATURALbooking agent in tampa

This young Tampa trio, described as new soul music with a classic feel, a fresh sound with rock-n-roll roots and modern vibes, has impressed all who see their live show featuring their recently released single, “Pairadice”. Lead singer and guitarist, Eric Carnevale and bass guitarist, James David Maney, both multi instrumentalists are dedicated to creating their signature sound while being inspired by groups like the Chili Peppers, Zeppelin and the Beatles. The harmonies are a featured component of this dedicated , signature sound.